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Social Studies Generation

Social Studies Curriculum for Middle School

Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome

6.1 The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Oppressors or Great Leaders?

6.2 The Egyptian Pharaohs: Wise Investors or Wasteful Spenders?

6.3 Was it better to be an Athenian or a Spartan?

6.4 The Legacy of Alexander the Great: Great Leader of Power-Hungry Tyrant?

6.5 Ancient Roman Government: Whose Voice Counts?

6.6 Pompeii: An Irresponsible Decision or Unexpected Disaster?

Experiences of Two Children in War-torn Sudan

7.1 What happens when your life is uprooted?

7.2 Who do you trust when your life is at stake?

7.3 Where is home?

7.4 Who will we become?

7.5 How do I fit in?

7.6 Should we stay or should we return?

Complex Questions Related to American Democracy

8.1 What are governments good for?

8.2 Who gets to say what I need to know?

8.3 What is the value of your citizenship?

8.4 When is a crime not a crime?

8.5 Where is the justice in our justice system?

8.6 How do we right the wrongs of the past?