Science Generation

Science Curriculum for Middle School

BIG NEWS!Handy new SciGen platform now available for Science Teachers!All existing units updated and interactive and projectable assets added.Six new units added (cells, waves, environmental impact, and more!)All current PDF versions will also remain available.Please check it out and let us know what you think!Scientific Thinking

6.1 Did you notice that?

6.2 Why do we make models?

6.3 Can you really claim that?

Preparing a Scientific Investigation

6.4 Is that really a fair test?

6.5 How do we test that idea?

6.6 Ready to conduct your own investigation?


7.1 So what exactly is a unit?

7.2 Does the metric system measure up?

7.3 The Power of Per

Life Science

7.4 Populations in Balance

7.5 Traits and Heredity

7.6 Thinking About Natural Selection


8.1 Potential and Kinetic Energy

8.2 Work and Machines

8.3 Delivering Power to the People

Introductory Chemistry Concepts

8.4 Small, Smaller, Smallest

8.5 Mixtures and Phase Changes

8.6 Setting the Periodic Table

Grayscale Versions of Curriculum:

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