Sample Weekly Schedule

MONDAY: English/Language Arts

Weekly Passage, Using the Focus Words

Introduces controversial topic and focus words in context

Provides discussion questions to check for understanding and encourage students to share personal experiences and beliefs

Explores focus word definitions and guide students to use them verbally in conversation with turn and talk prompts.


Do the Math

Relates topic to two levels of math problems, with focus words embedded


Think Scientifically

Relates topic to a scenario in science class, with focus words embedded

THURSDAY: Social Studies

Debate the Issue

Guides students to develop a position on topic and compile reasons and evidence

Encourages students to use academically productive talk to discuss/debate positions

FRIDAY: English/Language Arts

Take a Stand

Prompts students to write argumentative essay, outlining evidence and reasoning to support a position

Guides students to use the focus words into their writing

Development of Word Generation was led by Catherine Snow (Harvard University) and Suzanne Donovan (SERP). Major SERP contributors to program development include: Claire White, Alyse Krantz, Halley Wheeless, Matt Ellinger, David Dudley, and Patrick Hurley. Boston Public Schools and other districts in Massachusetts and Maryland collaborated with SERP to develop of Word Generation.
Support for Word Generation was provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Noyce Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Leon Lowenstein Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education through grant numbers R305A090555 and R305F100026. The information provided does not represent views of the funders.
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