Supporting Effective Implementation

WordGen Weekly is designed as a whole-school program. School leadership must be sure to communicate with the entire school community clearly in advance of implementation.

  • Be sure that teachers in content-areas other than ELA understand that they also have a crucial role in developing academic language when working with students.
  • Remind teachers that this program calls on them to invest only a fifteen minutes once a week for most teachers and twice a week for ELA teachers.
  • Word Generation is a flexible program. It need not follow the sequence as printed in the student and teacher materials.
  • Develop a plan and a schedule school-wide so that students and teachers are prepared to continue the Word Generation unit throughout the week without interruption.
  • Student materials can be bound into a book that students carry or distributed as weekly unit packets (or many other ways). Schools should decide as a faculty what the approach will be for materials.
  • Teachers should preview the materials and be aware that some communities may find some of the topic highly controversial.
  • What about short weeks? Some schools compress the units and others skip Word Generation during short weeks.

Watch an interview with Boston principal Andrew Bott about how to effectively launch the program.

Development of Word Generation was led by Catherine Snow (Harvard University) and Suzanne Donovan (SERP). Major SERP contributors to program development include: Claire White, Alyse Krantz, Halley Wheeless, Matt Ellinger, David Dudley, and Patrick Hurley. Boston Public Schools and other districts in Massachusetts and Maryland collaborated with SERP to develop of Word Generation.
Support for Word Generation was provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Noyce Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Leon Lowenstein Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education through grant numbers R305A090555 and R305F100026. The information provided does not represent views of the funders.
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