Catherine Snow

Baltimore Word Generation

Summer Institute, 2012


Cathy O’Connor

Academically Productive Talk: Discussion within Word Generation

Baltimore Word Generation Summer Institute, 2012


Catherine Snow

Common Core Learning Standards and Word Generation

New York Word Generation Summer Institute, 2012


Catherine Snow

Science for reading, reading for science: Engaging learners in disciplinary literacy learning

Vocabulary Institute at IRA, April 2012


Patrick Hurley

Strategies for English language learners: Explicit academic vocabulary instruction and academic discussions

Boston Word Generation Summer Institute, 2011


Claire White

Developing Academic Language across the Content Areas: Word Generation

Boston Word Generation Summer Institute, 2010


Defying expectations: Vocabulary growth trajectories of high performing language minority students

Jin Kyoung Hwang, Joshua Fahey Lawrence, Catherine E. Snow (2016)

Reading and Writing, DOI 10.1007/s11145-016-9703-3 Springer Science + Business Media


Assessing Adolescents’ Communicative Self-Efficacy to Discuss Controversial Issues

Alex R. Lin, Joshua F. Lawrence, Catherine E. Snow & Karen S. Taylor (2016)

Theory & Research in Social Education, 44:3, 316-343, DOI: 10.1080/00933104.2016.1203852


Generating knowledge of academic language among urban middle school students

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The words students need

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Signaling organization and stance: academic language use in middle grade persuasive writing

Christina L. Dobbs (2013)

Springer Science + Business Media

THE WORDGEN  TEAMDevelopment of Word Generation was led by Catherine Snow (Harvard University) through a SERP collaboration with the Boston Public Schools and other districts in Massachusetts and Maryland. Support for Word Generation was provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Noyce Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Leon Lowenstein Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education through grant numbers R305A090555 and R305F100026. The information provided does not represent views of the funders.

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